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Appearing in "Rumble in the Sky"

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Other Characters:

  • Air Guard[1] (First appearance) (Unnamed)
  • Gaea

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Synopsis for "Rumble in the Sky"

Carrying on from last issue, Hulk attacks the Bi-Beast and the two fight until Hulk is knocked off Sky Island. The curse teleports him back and they battle again until the Avians turn up, led by Red Raven. Strange traps Hulk in a mystical red ball. Suddenly Nighthawk, Valkyrie and Hellcat appear, the Defenders tell the Avians that there is probably a threat that needs to be found on the island, they prepare to leave and Strange releases Hulk, believing he has calmed down. Hulk punches him in the face wounding him. Everybody battles the Hulk until Valkyrie calms him down.

Whilst the Red Raven (leader) and the Defenders look after Strange, the other Avians search for a threat when two of them are attacked. Dania, the Red Raven, returns and tells them the Bloodraven Cult have a bomb. Sub-Mariner and Nighthawk chase the person who planted the bomb Sub-Mariner is taken back to the island by the curse but Nighthawk catches him. Back on the island, Doctor Strange battles with the curse to turn Hulk back into Banner. Although Banner keeps transforming back into the Hulk he keeps trying to disarm the bomb until Doctor Strange becomes weakened.

Hulk takes control and smashes the bomb, causing it to detonate...


  • The Hulk narrates this part of the series.
  • Dania was first seen in Marvel Super-Heroes (Vol. 2) #8.
  • This issue features a letters page, Defenders Dialogue. Letters are published from Joseph R. Brown, Kevin Rinehart, Joseph Hilliard, Patrick Evans, and Paul Watson.

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