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Quote1 There are always things for a monarch to be afraid of... and yet being monarch will mean, inevitably, boredom. Once one accepts awareness of fear as the way things are, one no longer feels afraid. Seek fearfully. Quote2
Princess Fen

Appearing in "Namor: The 99 Daughters of Pontus"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Nost (First appearance)
  • Princess Fen (First appearance) (Only in flashback)
  • Dongxi/Rand
  • Misty Knight (First appearance)
  • Immortal Weapons (First appearance)
    • Fat Cobra (First appearance)


  • The Ninety-Nine Daughters of Pontus (First appearance)

Other Characters:

Races and Species:





  • Eternal Cataclysm (Mentioned)

Synopsis for "Namor: The 99 Daughters of Pontus"

Namor, the Red She-Hulk, Silver Surfer, and Doctor Strange (in astral projection) are at the site of an Atlantean excavation which has revealed a tomb marked with the symbol of a Concordance Engine. Their guide, Nost, warns them that such things are better left alone, but Surfer impatiently blasts the wall down and enters.

Inside is the body of a giant, with a submersible ship embedded in its chest. As the sight registers, eggs within the tomb hatch and release female warriors with the heads and tentacles of octopi. Namor subdues them by capturing their leader. They retreat, though he knows they'll return.

Doctor Strange has entered the craft itself and shows Namor a framed picture which the Atlantean ruler recognizes as Captain Nemo with his own parents. It reminds Namor of another photo of Nemo, inexplicably in his mother's possession. He seems troubled, brushing off Red She-Hulk's suggestion that Nemo was his real father.

Among the ship's other treasures is a second Concordance Engine, whose guardian Prestor is a skeletal corpse. Iron Fist uses his company's resources to excavate the submarine and its Engine. His business manager, Jeryn Hogarth, presses him for the reason for such an expensive venture, but Danny is unable to explain it to him.

In Danny's Harlem apartment, he is attempting to reconnect with Misty Knight over a candlelit dinner when Fat Cobra staggers in, near death, and exclaims, "He's killing us all.. and it's your fault!"

Solicit Synopsis

• Who Are The Nereid, And What Secret Are They Keeping?

• How Does Namor's History Intertwine With... Captain Nemo?

• The Mystery Of The Concordance Engine Grows!

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