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Quote1.png I left the dude to die. See, ya never leave them to die. No matter how badass it feels to leave them like you don't even care to stay and watch. You gotta stay and watch the moment. Maybe the Black Cat dumped the body. Maybe he's dead in a dumpster somewhere. Man, the waiting is killing me. Quote2.png
-- Diamondback

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Synopsis for 1st story

Leaping awkward down to the streets from a nearby rooftop, Jessica Jones bursts into a night clinic to check on the poisoned Luke Cage. Linda Carter, the Night Nurse, explains to her that the Black Cat dropped him off saying Diamondback poisoned him. She says the antidote to the poison can only be found overseas.

Daredevil meets with Ben Urich on a rooftop requesting information about Diamondback, but Ben knows little.

In the clinic, Blade appears with the antidote and Night Nurse administers it through Luke’s nose. Luke recovers and Blade says he owes him one. Jessica wants Linda to give her information on Diamondback but she refuses, saying neutrality is the only way to keep the night clinic up and running.

At a dinner function at the Guggenheim, the Kingpin offers a toast. Afterwards Iron Fist, in civilian garb, approaches him for information on Diamondback. Kingpin is hesitant because he says he has gone straight, but Danny Rand convinces him it’s in his own interest to take Diamondback off the board.

In his hideout, Diamondback asks his henchmen for news about Cage, and regrets walking away before making sure he was dead. Jessica suddenly appears and punches him in the face. His thugs take aim at her but are all knocked out by Daredevil, and Iron Fist appears too. But Diamondback gets free and begins fighting back, and escapes, surprising them all with his skills. In a back alley they lose his trail and all three are suddenly shot by the Punisher lurking in the shadows on a nearby fire escape.

Solicit Synopsis

• Battle lines are being drawn across the entire eastern seaboard, as the Defenders desperately try to shut down the new kingpin of New York before he becomes untouchable!

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