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Quote1.png They killed her. They done her wrong for what he did. And she never did nothin' to nobody. Quote2.png
Luke Cage

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Synopsis for 1st story

Meeting with the Black Cat again, Diamondback asks why she saved Luke Cage’s life. Her own thugs turn on her and try to shoot her but she defeats them all and leaves, with Diamondback saying things aren’t going to end well between them.

Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Daredevil wake up in the night clinic next to Cage; the Punisher’s bullets were nonlethal and meant only to stop the heroes. They wonder why the Punisher wanted them out of the picture, and how Diamondback is back from the dead.

In a montage sequence, various characters share what they know about Diamondback, including a newspaper vendor, Misty Knight, Rio Morales, Raindrop Lilly, Black Cat, and others. Luke Cage and Willis Stryker grew up together but had a falling out over a girl, Reva Connors. Stryker framed Cage for stealing diamonds from the mob and had him locked up. But then the mob took revenger on Stryker by killing Reva. Everyone also wonders how he could be back from the dead.

Two of the Cat’s henchmen are discussing where he gets his money when the Punisher shows up and kills one of them. Before he can kill the other, Daredevil and Luke Cage appear and they subdue the Punsiher. Asked why he shot at them, Punisher says he doesn’t trust people in masks. Cage knocks him out and they walk out with him but Daredevil says he’ll break out of prison next month. Cage says Punisher has a point and if they are going to team up then they should know who each other actually is.

Elsewhere, Iron Fist and Jessica are staking out a nightclub when Diamondback appears, but he spots them taking pictures of him and confronts them. He flips their car easily and when Iron Fist tries to punch him, Diamondback catches his fist in one hand, to Danny’s shock. In front of the gathered crowd and an incredulous Jessica, Diamondback picks up Iron Fist and breaks his back over his knee.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Punisher strikes! With the mean streets of Marvel more dangerous than ever what could possibly make Frank Castle turn on his fellow vigilantes? Don’t they all want the same thing?

• Another dangerous chapter of the hottest new team in all of comics. Brought to you by the same people that gave you Miles Morales and Invincible Iron Man!


  • In this issue, David Marquez draws himself as a fishmonger.
  • Luke Cage thinks that Daredevil's real name is Gary.

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