Appearing in the 1st StoryEdit

Featured Characters:

  • Defenders of Dynatron City
    • Monkey-Kid
    • Jet Headstrong
    • Ms. Megawatt
    • Buzzsaw Girl
    • Toolbox
    • Radium dog

Supporting Characters:

  • Michael
  • Christine
  • Bootsie
  • Fritz


  • Doctor Mayhem
  • Atom Ed

Other Characters:


  • Dynatron City
    • Purcell's Toy Emporium
    • DynaMart
    • Winnick's
    • Roffman Associates
    • Gray's Music
    • Captain Sam Ibex Memorial Broadcast Tower
    • Wuthmann Jewellery
  • Proto Cola Factory


  • Hamster Wars
  • Remote Transmitter
  • Posivision Tri-Maugulator
  • Sheikman Lard Cakes
  • Blamo Power Food
  • Bullock's Brand
  • Charcol Puffies
  • Liver Plancky Juice Drink
  • Spam 2000
  • Metamorphisizing Juice


Synopsis for the 1st StoryEdit

Toolbox's new homing device detects Dr. Mayhem's criinal activites in the Proto Cola factory. Meanwhile, Michael and Christine, two kid afficionados of the original heroes, are outside the factory in orders to investigate the place their heroes were created. Not knowing that it is occupied they enter through the emergency atomic slush vacuole.
Upon seeing Dr. Mayhem performing his experiments, they are captured by the robot Fritz and put in glass chambers. Dr. Mayhem takes their cat in order to begin creating mutant monsters and destroy the city. The heroes arrive and devastate the Doctor's robotic army and Atom Ed and are about to rescue the kids, but then Bootsie's mutation to a gigantic, monstrous cat is complete. It makes short work of the heroes and then leaves the factory and visits a crowded supermarket, devouring all seafood.
Meanwhile the heroes have taken Mayhem's diary and Toolbox has analyzed the formula in their HQ and develops a metamorphosizing juice; however Radium drinks it. Dr. Mayhem and Atom Ed however have located Bootsie and can control his actions with a remote transmitter. They send him to the DCC HQ, when they discover that Radium became a giant dog and starts chasing Bootsie. They end up climbing on the Captain Sam Ibex Memorial Broadcast Tower, and Dr. Mayhem can't control Bootsie because of the interferences. Jet stops him from destroying the dishes. Bootsie falls but is saved by Radium.
Back in the HQ, the animals are restored to their original forms, Bootsie is returned to Christine although he retains his red eyes. A notification of Dr. Mayhem's next crime cuts short their celebations.


  • A limited series comics based on the NES video game of the same name by LucasArts, designed by Gary Winnick. The story is by Steve Purcell, a frequent contributor to LucasArts games.
  • The cover art, designed by Purcell, is identical to the box art of the video game.
  • The cover art is homaged in Defenders of Dynatron City #6 (July 1992).


  • A painting of Sam and Max, two famous characters by Purcell, can be seen in the DCC HQ.

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