Appearing in 1st story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Dr. Mayhem
  • Atom Ed

Other Characters:


  • Dynatron City
    • Downtown
    • Frank's


  • Monster Elixir
  • Crime Detection System
  • RTA


  • Hover platform

Synopsis for 1st story

Dr. Mayhem has developed an Elixir which mutates all living things into monsters. The creatures in his lab have all mutated and he then goes on to pump it to the DC water main supply. His aim is to mutate all citizens and see them devouring each other. Of course the Defenders are also affected while using tap water; except Toolbox who is not made of living tissue. While they are brainstorming on the problem, they are notified that terrorists hijacked a bus (all monsters).
Toolbox leads the DDC on the rescue but in the process he sees their mental state deteriorating, and loving destruction. Back in the HQ, he notices that the source of the problem is tap water and develops a temporary antidote which he uses on Monkey Boy.
The two follow the water supply and reach Dr. Mayhem's lab, but however are ambushed by him and other mutated creatures. They are saved by the rest of the team who did not wish to miss the brawl. The antidote effect wears off on Monkey Kid, who in rage puts Dr. Mayhem in a vat of his mutagen. As a result he mutates into a bald, white-haired baby. The story closes while contemplating on testing Toolbox' remedy on Monkey Kid's goldfish.



  • There are several cameos in the panels. The framed photographs in the DDC HQ are "Franky" and Alfred E. Neuman; one of the "monsters" in the street is an eyeball wearing a top hat, like The Residents. Franky is also seen in a brawl in the street.
  • One of the hostages is a flea, one of those rescued and magnified from Dog in the previous issue. While the hostages are rescued, one of them is seen to be the rabbit Max, a famous character by Steve Purcell.

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