At an unknown point, Deidre Wentworth, also known as Superia, traveled back in time and displaced Captain America (Steve Rogers) so that he would never be revived in the modern age.[2] In modern times, she joined with the appropriately named Bright Star and the duo made a splash helping the Avengers against the alien Vuk. Joining the team, the duo were present when Thor left the team after being summoned back to Asgard by Enchantress, and Broad-Stripe captured and saw to the imprisonment of Hawkeye when he broke into Avengers Mansion in an attempt to audition for the team. When the Avengers eventually went their separate ways, Broad-Stripe and Bright Star founded a new team, Americommand, a team of patriotic heroes who began rounding up mutants and imprisoning dissidents.[1]

The duo were seen on a large screen in Times Square when Captain America (Steve Rogers and his allies were transported there by the Contemplator.[2] Alongside her allies in Americommand, she interrogated Rogers' ally American Dream after her capture at the hands of Ameridroid. Broad-Stripe was present following the decimation of the Seagate Prison, carrying out a plot she kept secret from her Americommand allies[3] involving the disembodied brain of Tony Stark and her own secret plans for the world.[1]


Seemingly those of the Deidre Wentworth of Earth-616.

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