Delatriz Betancourt was the granddaughter of a plantation owner from the American South who fled to Paraguay towards the end of the American Civil War. He, and others like him, were able to start new plantations in the Latin American country and later formed part of the high society of Asuncion.

Delatriz became a pilot for Paraguay during the Chaco War with Bolivia. It was here that she met Dominic Fortune, an American mercenary, during the closing days of the war. She offered him a job after the war to work for her associate, American business magnate Malcolm Upshaw. When the pair learned that Fortune was Jewish, however, they quickly lost interest in gaining his services, with Upshaw even trying to order his killing.[1]

Betancourt was actually working with Upshaw on a scheme which would overthrow the American government, replacing it with one that would be sympathetic to the Nazi cause. As part of the plan, she was traveling to Berlin on the same zeppelin that Fortune was taking with three drunken movie stars that he was hired to protect as they traveled to the 1936 Summer Olympics. Betancourt slept with Fortune during the zeppelin trip, not believing him to be the same sort of threat as Upshaw did.[2]

After the Olympics, Betancourt accompanied Upshaw back to the United States where he had arranged a meeting with Franklin Delano Roosevelt at the White House. The pair were planning on overthrowing the government in a coup d'etat, but it was stopped by the timely arrival of Fortune. Fortune was also able to save the lives of the President and First Lady and shot Betancourt through the shoulder. Her subsequent activities have been unrevealed.[3]


Capable biplane pilot.

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