Deacon Delcario was a Ravolian monk who was imbued with the mission of retrieving the Mother Stone, one of his church's holiest relics, from thieves. To prevent the stone from being stolen again, the Knowhere Law Enforcement made a deal with the Guardians of the Galaxy for them to escort Delcario back home in exchange for the payment of all their debts at Knowhere as they could not do it themselves due to the entrance of armed cops in Ravolian territory being considered an act of war.

Delcario asked for a chamber where he could meditate, and warned Star-Lord to not let more than four members of his crew to enter the chamber at one time as the presence of more than five souls in the Mother Stone's immediate vicinity would bring about the end of the universe. After Star-Lord left the chamber with Gamora, Delcario started to meditate only to have a heart attack and die soon afterwards.[1]

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