Deller worked for the National Union of Retired Sports Experts (N.U.R.S.E.) in the 82nd century. When it was disbanded, Deller joined Dragon's Claws.


In 8162, Deller was one of N.U.R.S.E.'s enforcers. He was sent to reactivate Dragon's Claws.[1] When Dragon refused to join, Deller hired the Wildcats to attack Dragon and force his hand.[3] The plan succeeded, and Deller was assigned to oversee the newly reconstituted Dragon's Claws. Having received the order for Dragon's Claws to eliminate the Evil Dead, Deller used Dragon's short visit home to take command of the team and take them to the 'Pool. The strategy almost led to disaster when they got into a trap. Only the timely appearance of Dragon and Scavenger saved the day. Wounded by Slaughterhouse and humiliated by Dragon saving his life, Deller swore to himself to have his vengeance on Dragon.[4]

Deller's wounded left shoulder forced him to sit out Dragon's Claws next mission to Channel City.[3]

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