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Delmar was the fifth largest insurance company in the United States. Delmar Insurance Company employed Machine Man as an Insurance Claims Investigator. Many of Machine Man's supporting cast also worked there including the Torpedo's sister Maggie Jones. Brock Jones aka the Torpedo worked at Delmar Insurance but possibly not at the same branch as Machine Man (they did meet in a meeting at the company[1]). Brock quit the company and moved his family to Clariton, West Virginia. This choice ultimately got him murdered by the Dire Wraiths and the town of Clariton annihilated by Skrulls and Dire Wraith. The Dire Wraiths had infiltrated Delmar Insurance Company and intercepted a letter from Brock Jones to his sister Maggie that revealed he had moved to Clariton, West Virginia. The villain Binary Bug also worked for Delmar Insurance.

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