Captain Delmurio was the leader of a Zingaran army who was once assigned to arrest a thief named Keiv. Keiv captured him and carved half of a treasure map on his chest. He was left to die by Keiv in the Pictish wilds when he ambushed his men, scarred his body and took his eye. He marched in the service of his king some fifteen years. Delmurio then marched into the Pictish Wilderness to find him, but he couldn't have his vengeance. He instead allied with Conan and Tetra, who were in possession of the second half of the map, to seek out the treasure.[1]

Back to Zingara, Delmurio resigned from the military and helped Conan overthrow the tyrannical rule of Marshall Barabbus in Sadoria.[2] Delmurio, Tetra and Conan finally reached Cascan, and set sail down the Thunder River to get to Argos.[3] When the Black Ship finally arrived in Argos, Delmurio finally set sail with Conan and Tetra to the treasure island.[4]

After they finally reached an island west of Argos, Delmurio learned that Nostume apparently orchestrated the treasure map hunt only to get Conan and his friends to the Well of Souls and sacrifice them. When Nostume was eventually killed by the Cimmerian on an island west of Argos, Delmurio witnessed Tetra absorb his power.[5]

Delmurio brought Tetra to the Demon Wolf to spare his life, but the creature fatally attacked him instead.[6]

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