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The Delphic[src]


Endgame and the five other rogue personalities

The Delphic is one of Legion's personalities.

When Legion and the X-Club were testing the Neural Switchboard Wristband manufactured by them and by Reed Richards, and at the same time referencing the different personas present in David's mind, the personality designated as 227 didn't respond to the call.

Looking for an answer, Legion called the Delphic, who showed to the X-scientists the rogue personalities: Endgame, Time-Sink (227), Chain, Susan in Sunshine, Bleeding Image and Styx, stating that Styx was the leader of the group.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Delphic (Legion Personality) (Earth-616) from X-Men Legacy Vol 1 249 0002.png

Omniscience: The Delphic is granted with the gift of omniscience. It was stated that there was nothing she does not know. She answers three questions truthfully to her interlocutors. It is unknown if she will be able to answer again, and what is the frequency or rules applying to the right to ask questions.

Psychic Image Projection (possibility): Delphic is able to project her own mental images outside of her mind to show others. As she did when she projected her thoughts to show the X-scientists the rogue personalities.

Bioluminescence: Delphic's eyes and hands/fingers are continuously producing harmless low-level bioluminescence energy bolts.


The name is presumably in reference to the Delphic Oracle of Greek history and myth.

In the comics Delphic refers to it's self as a "her", when it appears to possess a male form. This may be a trans-gendered character, but as it is a psychic entity for now there is no way of knowing.

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