Originally from Arcadia, Delphyne was accepted into the Victor von Doom Institute for Gifted Youths, where she befriended Jubilee and Pixie. Together, the three girls formed the Night Witches, an all-girl gang that frequently came into conflict with Frostbite, one of the other students. After Jubilee cheated in a one-on-one match with Sanna, the latter challenged Jubilee to a fight, which, thanks to interference by Bruiser, landed all four girls and a handful of bystanders in detention on the day before the final exam.[1]

Faced with the prospect of expulsion if they failed to sign up for the exam, and unable to find other teammates for it, The Night Witches formed a reluctant truce with Sanna, Dagger, Cloak, Skaar, and Amadeus Cho to form Team Puce to complete the exam. However, during the exam, Cho discovered a way to look behind the scenes of the exam, and the team discovered that their faceless opponents were, in fact, their classmates, and that they had killed them. Horrified with this revelation, and by the death of Pixie during the exam, the team elected to flee the school and try and find a safe haven somewhere else in the Battleworld.[2]


Seemingly those of the Delphyne Gorgon of Earth-616. Delphyne also has a healing factor that is powerful enough to restore lost limbs.


Long Bow.


Prehensile snakes as blunt instruments and arrows for her bow.

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