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The Delta Network is a team of Deviants who have teamed up to help their fellow Deviants. When the injured Eternal Sersi fell into the subterranean hideout of the Deviant, Kro, and asked for assistance in rescuing her allies, the Avengers, he facilitated his Delta Network to discover other members of his race who were looking to build a better life for themselves and other Deviants.

Kro detected and recruited Enigmo, a wrestler in the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation, Dragona, self appointed protector of her people, Karkas and Ransak, two Deviants who were trying to become actors, Kro's own children Deborah & Donald Ritter, with the power to merge into one powerful super being called Tzabaoth, and El Toro Rojo, a former wrestler who was now trapped in a Red Bull Totem owned by a young autistic boy.

The team went with Sersi to Lemuria where they tried to stop the forces of Ghaur as well as a group of mind controlled Avengers. Even though they saved the Avengers, both Delta Force had no choice but to leave Lemuria with Ghaur incharge. They did this out of fear of throwing their society in complete chaos if the beat him. Kro ensured Delta Force that they stopped Ghaur in time.

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