A personality of David Haller. He was one of the personalities David introduced to his mother before her untimely death.

Delusionaut played a pivotal role in David's plan to stop Luca Aldine. Placing Delusionaut's persona within a brain dead girl from the Darwin's Martyrs group, he uses his illusions to make it seem like the girl was a newly activated mutant with the ability to absorb other biological into an amalgamated mass.

When Cyclops' Extinction Team went to deal with the situation, David confronted them. Making short work of the team, he fought Cyclops in a fist fight until David was knocked into the girl. Making it appear like the Apocalyptic end in which David devoured all other mutants had arrived, Luca revealed himself, attempting once more to kill his sister before she could stop it. It was then that David revealed his hand, showing the girl's power, her supposed victims and his own transformation to be an illusion before attacking Luca and containing him.

While reluctant to return to the confines of David's mind, he was reabsorbed, commenting on the apparent dimming of the light within David's mindscape.

Later, when David's mind was being ravaged by the Phoenix's Shadow, Delusionaut was one of the personalities who willingly fused with David to create his Gestalt personality.[1]


Illusions: The Delusionaut can create illusions with such astounding ability that experienced telepaths like Emma Frost and the Stepford Cuckoos did not realise the deception.

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