Quote1 You will boil in the belly of Mephisto, girl! I will taste your innocence! Quote2
-- Demon-Ock

Much of Demon-Ock's history is unknown, though it is known that he was one of the first members of the Black Legion. The group was founded after the brief three years of peace following the death of Apocalypse, formed by the tyrant's successor, Weapon Omega. One of his known missions involved being sent to assassinate Charles Lensherr, the son of Magneto and Rogue. Magneto fought Demon-Ock, but the demon shattered the mutant's spine, and forced him to watch as he feasted upon the insides of Charles.

Ten years later, Demon-Ock came into conflict with the X-Men once again, who were aiding a team known as X-Force from another reality. Though the Black Legion managed to delay the joint teams' goals, Demon-Ock and many of the others were wounded in the fighting, Demon-Ock having his side ripped open by Wolverine's claws. This injury did not seem to slow him down, however, as he was soon attacking the "Last City of Men", one of the final bastions of humanity, alongside the Black Legion. As his compatriots massacred the fleeing humans, Demon-Ock chased down as small girl whose father has just been killed, hoping to eat her. As he attacked though, he was ambushed by Rogue, who slammed him into the ground. He grabbed Magneto and Rogue in his tentacles as he tried to recover, taunting them over their child's death. Before he could further attack, however, Jean Grey arrived, and used her powers to set him afire, incinerating half his body. It's unknown whether or not he survived Grey's attack or the subsequent destruction of the city by Weapon Omega.

  • Based on comments made, Demon-Ock seems to worship Mephisto. He also the demonic tentacles of Doctor Octopus.

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