In another dimension adjacent to Earth-4040, the Demon People live in the Demon City located in a timeless realm unable to pass through the one-way portal it and between Earth. They are an advanced warrior society that constantly clash with those who have become trapped in this realm and built the City of the Mirage. By 1945, they were led by the tyrannical Mubahn who sought to breach the barrier and invade the Earth. Those who were not loyal to him found themselves enslaved.

When American soldier Breeze Barton found himself trapped in this realm, he deduced that magnetism was a means to get past the barrier. After failing to learn this technology from Barton, Mubahn had the elderly scientist Zanoba captured and his mind probed. Breeze Barton led an invasion of the Demon City, slaying Mubahn and freeing his slaves.[1]

The fate of the Demon People now that they are free of their tyrannical rule remains unknown.

Powers and Abilities


Demon People can fly on their leathery wings.


Habitat: Earthlike
Gravity: Earthlike
Atmosphere: Earthlike


Type of Government: Totalitarian Monarchy
Level of Technology: Advanced: Ray gun technology, fighter craft, and mind probing gasses
Representatives: Mubahn (deceased)

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