A student at the Latverian School of Science, Demona barely escaped the assembly of the student body, thus narrowly avoiding dying with the majority of the school when Thanos' forces attacked. Along with Morg and Pan, they escaped alongside one of the Doombot teachers.[1]

After arranging to meet up with the students of the other schools in order to aid Atlantis, the Latverians were first on the scene, but were well aware that without help, they wouldn't last long. Demona was knocked into the water where she saw the destruction of Atlantis beneath her. Coming back up for air, she announced the hopelessness of the situation before the students of the other schools arrived.[2]


Demona is a human/demon-hybrid, stated to possess all the abilities of a Class 2 Demon,[1] with the following powers:

  • She has a crush on Pan-Asian student Gang.[3]

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