Demons are extra-dimensional beings that exist in various realms of hell. There are numbers of demons, many of whom have come into conflict with Gods and Angels over the millenia, or are in fact Angels and Gods. As mystical beings demons posses varying degrees of power. They feed upon the souls of the evil or sinful people. They are skilled in black magic, all with a need to cause suffering on the mortal world.


The demons are often classified in three groups: Class One or Elder Gods, Class Two or Hell-Lords and their minions, and Class Three or extradimensional beings.

Others classifications may exist:

Powers and Abilities


  • Demons can change their gender at will.[1]



Habitat: Harsh fire like realm
Gravity: Same as Earth
Atmosphere: Sulphuric Atmosphere
Population: Well into the million


Type of Government: Hell Lords
Level of Technology: Primitive
Cultural Traits: Evil
Representatives: Adversary, Aesklos, Agathon, All-Devourer, Allatou, Asmodeus, Asmodeus (lord), Archenemy, Asteroth, Avandalia, Avarrish, Baphomet, Basilisk, Battletide, Beast (demon), Beelzeboul, Belasco, Belathauzer, Belial, Blackheart, Blackout (Lilin), Bogeyman, Carver (Lilin), Challenger, Cha'sa'dra, Chthon, Clowns (demon), Orleans Cooper, Culex, Daboia, Dagoth, Damballah, Dansker, Dargil, Deathwatch, Defiler, Demon of the Dark, Demon-Riders, Denak, Deuteronomy, D'Kay, Doggerel, Dormammu, Dragonus, Dreamqueen, D'spayre, D'sprytes, Dusk (demon), Dweller-In-Darkness, Dyskor, Ehrthold, Elder Demon, Elkl'r, Erlik Khan, Exile (demon), Fashima, Ghaszaszh Nyrih, Gnit, Gog, Gorg, Gormac, Hag, Haazareth Three, Hellphyr, Hellfire, Hellstorm, Hive, Hoss, Ikthalon, Inferno (Slifer), Iuriale, Kalumai, Kathulos, Khats, KhLΘg, Kierrok, Kindred, Kkallakku, Krogg, Kthara, Lilith (Mother Of Demons), Lloigoroth, Lucifer, Ludi, Magog, Malevolence, Mandrac, Manitou, Mephista, Mephisto, Midwife, Monstrosity, Nameless One, N'astirh, Nezaral, N'Gabthoth, Nilrac, Nightmare, Ningal, Null, Olivier, Pazuzu, Pilgrimm, Pilgrim (Lilin), Raksasa, Riglevio, Rigor Mortis, Sammael, Satan, Satana, Satannish, Saturnine, Set, Shuma-Gorath, Sligguth, Sombra, Somnambulist, Soul-Drinker, Spite, Surtur, Surisha, Sybil, S'ym, Tartessus, Termagaira, Thog, Troids, Troll, Uncegilia, Varcolac, Vera Gemini, Visimajoris, V'zarr-thann, Whisperer, Wild One, Wish-demon, Y'garon, Zahgurim, Zannarth, Zarathos, Zhilla Char, Zom, Zreate'th

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