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Marvel's Spider-Man
(September 7, 2018)
Marvel's Spider-Man
(September 7, 2018)


The Demons attacking Rosemann's

The Demons were a criminal organization assembled by Martin Li. The organization is composed mainly of chinese immigrants that were corrupted by him over the years.

The first recorded attack of the Demons was reported around October 2018, shortly after the arrest of Wilson Fisk by Spider-Man and Police Captain Yuri Watanabe, when they were sent to Rosemann's in search of a folder containing information on the whereabouts of the secret Oscorp project GR-27, Also known as Devil's Breath. The Demons and Martin Li planned to release the Devil's Breath on Manhattan as part of a revenge plot against Norman Osborn and Oscorp. They were also responsible for several other attacks on the city, such as the one that occurred at the New York City Hall, that killed dozens of people, including Jefferson Davis, as well as many bombings and shootouts through the city.

The group was still active for a short period of time after Martin Li's arrest, being seemingly eradicated by Spider-Man and/or the Underground shortly after. It's unknown if any members remain active.[1]


Transportation: Trucks, cars and helicopters
Weapons: Negative power imbued weapons: Mister Negative imbued weapons with his power, so his henchmen could use.

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