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During Black September, history was rewritten in the Ultraverse so that Tom Hawke never became the Ultra known as Hardcase. The uniquely powerful nature of Hardcase's nanotech mutation made him impossible to write out of reality, however, and so the original Hardcase was cast into Limbo even as a powerless Tom Hawke existed in the Ultraverse.

Totally alone, Hardcase used nanotech to conjure equipment for monitoring his friends back home, but still couldn't escape his feelings of isolation. Like his predecessor, Rex Mundi, Hardcase created a living companion for himself out of his own nanotech. The companion and Hardcase lived together for a time before the companion became corrupted somehow, and turned against its creator.[1]

Making its way back to the Ultraverse hundreds of years in the past, the companion used its own nanotech abilities to consume the essence of living beings, even entire planets. It became known as the Demonseed. The Demonseed was responsible for the devastation of the Tulkan Empire and the world of Chi'arr, Ripfire's alien symbiote.[2] The Tulkans established a federation known as the Alien Elite to hunt and destroy the Demonseed throughout the universe, although they themselves became known as the Flying Death due to their draconian measures in eliminating their prey. The Demonseed escaped the Tulkan Empire on the planet Ozama by passing through a breach to Earth.[3]



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