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Smith was Britain's police commissioner in Burma when he first came across Fu Manchu. Along with his friend Dr. Petrie, Smith repeatedly thwarted Fu Manchu's schemes in the years that followed and joined MI-6. For his work against Fu Manchu, Smith was knighted. Eventually Fu Manchu took vengeance on Smith by having his legs crushed, crippling him.

Years later Smith met Fu Manchu's son Shang-Chi after he had seemingly slain Dr. Petrie. Smith revealed to Shang-Chi the truth about his father, setting him against the villain.[1] When they met next, Shang-Chi convinced Smith that his paralysis was psychosomatic and he was able to walk again.[2] Smith then invited Shang-Chi to join him in the fight against Fu Manchu.[3]

Smith and Shang-Chi went on to stop many of Fu Manchu's schemes, gaining various allies and enemies along the way. He once survived an assassination attempt by his best friend, Petrie, who had been brainwashed.[4] Smith eventually became frustrated with the corruption of MI-6 and resigned. He then formed Freelance Restorations Ltd. with some of the allies he had acquired in his struggle against Fu Manchu. When it seemed that Fu Manchu had died a truly final death, Smith finally retired.

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