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A mutant infected with the Legacy Virus who attempted to seek help at the Xavier Institute. On his way there, he entered a diner for something to eat. While there, a broadcast revealed that Moira MacTaggert had contracted the Legacy Virus and that humans might catch it. A group of humans there, thinking it was better for mutants not to exist began telling anti-mutant jokes. Feeling uncomfortable, Dennis left, which caused the group to think that he might be a mutant. Filled with anti-mutant hysteria, they followed him, eventually confronting him and causing him to lose control and transform into his lizard-like form. The group then began savagely beating him. During the beating, his mental cries for help were picked up by the telepaths at the Institute, and Professor X had Storm take them to his location. As the group continued beating Dennis, Xavier sent his astral self to try to help, but learned he was too late. Physically arriving with several other X-Men (the human group having finished their dirty work and run off), Xavier and his students were in time to see Hogan die from his wounds, just shy of Salem Center's town border.

Powers and Abilities


Could assume a lizard-like humanoid form.


Affected by the Legacy Virus, he was physically weakened and unable to fully control his transformations.

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