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For a time, the Hulk was operating in Las Vegas as "Mr. Fixit," a strong-arm enforcer for Joe Berengetti, owner of the Colosseum Casino. Glorian, apprentice of the reality-altering alien creature Shaper of Worlds, came to Las Vegas for the purpose of giving the Hulk an illusion of his heart's desire. At that time, the Hulk was troubled and angry due to experiences engineered by "Nick Cloot," a demonic entity working with the Las Vegas Maggia crime family. As a result, the Hulk, outraged by Glorian's intrusion into his mind, tried to kill Glorian. Cloot appeared to Glorian afterwards, offering to assist him in making the Hulk "see the light," and become a noble and self-sacrificing individual. [1]

While Glorian naïvely went about casting illusions to make "Mr. Fix-it's" friends distrust him, Cloot sought a physical threat that would reveal the Hulk's murderous personality to the public. To that end, he found the soul of Dennis "the Menace" Malloy, also known as the Ghoul due to Malloy's string of grisly murders. Cloot offered Malloy's soul an escape from torment, if Malloy could climb a set of stairs to the surface world. Cloot warned Malloy that a "gray demon" would try to stop him. Cloot assumed the form of the Hulk and torturously altered Malloy's now-pliable form, pulling on the malleable pseudo-flesh and dressing the Ghoul in claws, wings, and a misshapen face, all while laughing at the agonized Malloy. When the Ghoul finally emerged from the Hell-like dimension from which Cloot had released him, he was filled with a simple-minded, all-consuming hatred for the Hulk, whom he believed was responsible for his disfigurement. [1]

The Ghoul's battle with the Hulk was brief but intense, and very graphic. The Hulk, realizing that the Ghoul was weakened in a stream of cool water, set about to find a cold chamber in which to continue the battle. He did so only after the fight had taken the combatants into the kitchen of the Colosseum, where the Hulk impaled the Ghoul on a meat-hook in the meat freezer. This ended the threat of the Ghoul, but served the interests of Cloot who was later revealed to be the demon Satannish who was after the soul of Glorian. In the end, the Hulk intervened on behalf of Glorian, and so saved Glorian from Satannish's grasp. [2]

Powers and Abilities


Dennis Malloy was transformed into a demonic servant specially designed to attack the Hulk. As such, he possessed monstrous strength and endurance, along with a high degree of invulnerability. His wings allowed him to fly, and he possessed a mystical ability to home in on his victims (namely, the Hulk) at a range of 10 miles. His body, already dead, cannot be killed and is extremely regenerative. He is nonetheless in constant agony, providing a degree of protection if he is targeted by telepathy.

The Ghoul's main weapons are the claws he sports on his hands and feet, which are capable of rending steel. They are mystically endowed so that only magical or artificial body armor can offer any protection whatsoever against them, and the claws are also capable of infecting victims with a powerful toxin. Evil and selfish creatures struck by the claws are subjected to enormous pain and fear.

Physical Strength

As the Ghoul, Malloy possessed superhuman strength.

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