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A young man looking for a direction in life, Dennis Murray joined the Navy in order to serve in the Vietnam War. Serving for three years, he eventually returned to the US and pursued a college degree. Marrying at some point, his wife eventually left him, leaving behind a note. Devastated, Dennis re-entered the navy and was quickly promoted to warrant officer, though never rose above that rank because he refused to be a pawn for his superiors.

Moved from ship to ship, Dennis was eventually tasked to guard a visiting arms manufacturer, Tony Stark. When a bomb exploded, destroying the car they were in, two of the troops were killed, leaving Dennis and Tony the only survivors. Dennis was left completely paralyzed, only capable of blinking his eyes and moving his head, dependent upon medical science to so much as breathe.

When given the opportunity to undergo an experimental procedure that would enable him to walk again, he eagerly accepted, becoming Heavy, the trainer and team tactician of the California-based Initiative team, the Order.[2]

One of the few members to not be fired after their first official mission, Dennis continued to serve as second-in-command to Anthem. Heavy served as the team's tactician. He led them on their final mission to rescue Mulholland Black from Ezekiel Stane. Heavy died when Stane fired an EMP pulse at the team, frying out their nanomachine-based powers. Heavy, who needed his powers to stay alive, died as the colloidal fluid in his lungs turned to poison.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Super-strength "measured on a seismic scale"


Dependent upon the special fluid that keeps his lungs working and allows him mobility. Removal of his suit, or alteration of his biology to prevent the fluid from working could, and did, lead to his death.



Special containment suit

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