Capital of Colorado.
After winning for the third year in a row the automatic weapons competition at the Soldier of Fortune Annual Convention, Brendon Doyle was visited at his lodge by Iron Man, who claimed his highly sophisticated suit of body armor[1].
A few days later, Jim Rhodes, disguised as Electro, was arrested by the Guardsmen, just to get into the Vault[2].
Years after, during the nationwide Skrullian witchhunt, an African-American teachers and his students were rescued by the Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye.[3] A short time later, the Thunderbolts saved construction workers from a fire.[4]


Allen (Denver) (Earth-616)

Allen (Denver) (Earth-616) from Secret Wars II Vol 1 7 0001


Allen was a neighbor and friend of Marsha Rosenberg and Owen Reece.[5]

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