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H, the Department
Current Member(s)
Agent Porter, Coordinator Proctor, Kelsey Mobius, Lt. Oculus, Mr. Gentry, Myra Haddock (Director of Prometheus Division), Pierre Cloche (Director of Foreign Affairs), Warwick Jamieson, Garson, Dr. Krypt
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Department H is a branch of the Canadian government that sanctioned, supported, and monitored all the superhuman activity in Canada. It also oversaw the superhuman team Alpha Flight.

Parliament Hill creates Department H as a research and development program under the umbrella of the Ministry of Defense and they select James Hudson to act as the department's administrator. During this time, he meets Wolverine. When James Hudson sees a newspaper article of the Fantastic Four having been formed in the United States, he decides to form a defensive response team for Canada.[1] When the Flight became Alpha Flight, Wolverine joined up with them amongst others.[2]

Department H sent James Hudson in his Weapon Alpha outfit to capture Wolverine and bring him back to Canada. When James Hudson finds Wolverine hunting a deer, he reminds Wolverine that he's still the property of the Canadian government.[3]

As the next attempt to reclaim Wolverine, James Hudson as Vindicator led Alpha Flight in another attempt to reclaim Wolverine where the X-Jet was forced to land during a blizzard caused by Shaman. Alpha Flight manages to capture Wolverine and Nightcrawler. Following a fight between the X-Men and Alpha Flight, Wolverine decides to surrender himself to Alpha Flight and Department H. Yet Wolverine managed to escape from Department H and reunite with the X-Men on the X-Jet.[4]

Department H unofficially sends Sasquatch, Aurora, and Northstar to the United States to detain Machine Man after seeing the footage where they thought he defeated Hulk[5]

James Hudson muses on the first closing of Department H

The Department was shut down due to operating costs, forcing the disbandment of Alpha Flight. [6] Some time later, the decision was reversed, to a degree, with the Department being re-established solely as an organization to support Alpha Flight.[7]

Department H sent Omega Flight (consisting of Validator, Boxx, Kingdom, and a Wendigo) to investigate one of the Origin Bomb sites left by Ex Nihilo in Regina, Canada. Validator was changed by the Origin Bomb site while the rest of the Omega Flight members were killed in action by the hostile organisms.[8]





Sonic Rifles


Helicarrier, Airship, Omnijet, Scamper Jet, Turbo Copter, Hovercar, Armoured Locomotive, Alphajet, Flight Platform, Personnel Carrier and Transport Ship


  • According to Alpha Flight Vol 2 1 (August, 1997), the Department H's official date of inception is July 2. If bureaucratic organizations had astrological signs, its sign would be cancer. [9] This indicates the Department was created under this sign of the zodiac, sometime between June 20 and July 22.

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