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In a joint effort by the United States Federal Government and Tony Stark of Stark Industries, the United States Department of Damage Control was created in order to take over repair and cleanup of New York City after the Battle of New York. The decision was enacted swiftly and enforced strictly. Head of the Department of Damage Control Anne Marie Hoag forced local salvaging company Bestman Salvage out of the battle zone, despite Bestman having a city contract and having a crew already cleaning up the area. This forced Bestman's head Adrian Toomes and his crew out of the job, which angered them deeply.

In the years that followed, the Department of Damage Control was present in the cleanup of the wreckage at the Triskelion and at the aftermath of Ultron's attack on Sokovia. Having acquired and enhanced some of the Chitauri tech, Toomes and his crew were stealing from Damage Control on occasion. However, Toomes' schemes were put to an end by the superhero Spider-Man.[1]


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