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The primary objective of Hydra's Department of Occult Armaments was to find a way to develop an army of vampiric stormtroopers for Hydra's terrorist army. Their first attempt to create a vampire soldier with a sample of Dracula's DNA resulted in the creation of Bloodstorm One, who savagely slaughtered everyone in the facility.[citation needed]

The D.O.A. was resurfaced years later to assist Sin to gather the Serpent's Hammers as a power source for the Final Sleeper.[1]

After betraying the Avengers and joining forces with the D.O.A., Daimon Hellstrom tried to transform the Venom symbiote into one of his Monsters of Evil in order to use them as weapons for Sin and the D.O.A., but was ultimately defeated and incarcerated.[2]

Prepared to battle Venom and Mania

Some time later, Crossbones, who was hunting anyone who had a Hell-Mark, targeted Mania as she was in possession of a Hell-Mark that originally pertained to Venom. After battles involving demons and more demons, Crossbones and the D.O.A. were defeated and vanished.[3]



Hydra technology & gear; energy device.[4]


Magical transportation.[citation needed]

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