Deputy Sims worked together with Sheriff Studdard at the Daly County Police Department. Even though he was aware of Studdard's influence in the increase of hate crimes ever since his election, Sims feared opening a case against the popular sheriff would tear the county apart. Furthermore, he believed that Studdard's influence and lawyer would prevent him from facing any consequences. Because of this, Sims decided he would be of better use intervening from the inside.

When the Champions caught notice of the hate crime wave in Daly County and confronted Sheriff Studdard after rescuing innocent people from a burning mosque, they found fragments of an incendiary device that Viv analysed and determined originally belonged to the police department. When the Champions refused to hand the bomb to Studdard, Deputy Sims convinced them to give him the device, giving them his word he would personally look into the evidence.

The Champions later paid Deputy Sims a visit, and he claimed the bomb had yet to be analysed. However, Viv sneaked into the department lab and discovered not only that investigation was completed, but that it strongly suggested a connection to the sheriff. Sims was forced to give the details of his position in the matter to the young heroes, warning them about the risk and difficulty of outing Sheriff Studdard, but promising them he would prosecute Studdard once things calmed down.

Studdard then berated Sims for the presence of the Champions at the precinct, warning Sims that if he didn't get rid of the heroes, he would "make examples of them, too." Surprised and alarmed by that final remark, Sims decided to stand on the doors of the precinct and out Sheriff Studdard to the crowd aggregated in front of it.[1]

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