When Derek McDowell found Frankenstein's Monster at a circus exhibit, he became obsessed at obtaining it, even hitting his fiancee when she suggested to forget it. Although she tried to destroy the Monster,[1] McDowell bribed the police to get it and showed it to his colleague Dr. Owen Wallach - who revealed to be terminally ill. McDowell resurrected the Monster and artificially controlled it to kill people so that they could have a body to which transplant Wallach's brain - but the tactic was fruitless. McDowell then transplanted Wallach's brain to the Monster itself, but Wallach was aghast at being in that body and, enraged, he murdered McDowell and threw the corpse to the river.[2]

Psycho James Sinoda[3] was secretly monitoring Wallach's lab and, as he needed the Monster's brain in the Monster's body, he manipulated the events: Using voodoo magic, Sinoda resurrected McDowell, who climbed from the river as a zombie. Believing he was back to get his revenge on Wallach, McDowell drove his zombie body to the lab. He wanted to extract Wallach's brain and isolate it from any stimuli.[4]

Once there, he found technology that Wallach intended to use to automate brain transplants, and moved his brain from his rotten body to the inert body of James, a healthy victim of Wallach's plans. He used this body to capture the Monster and then replaced the brain controlling it with the Monster's original brain - but McDowell discovered that Wallach was not the brain controlling it. The Monster then woke up and killed McDowell.[4]

James made use of McDowell's zombie body to talk with Frankenstein's Monster and became fast friends with him. However, Sinoda used his magic to move the body, merely to guide the Monster to his lair. Once there, Sinoda turned off the magic, and McDowell's body fell limp.[5]

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