Quote1 You think I can't take form and challenge you? This whole island is me! Quote2
-- Derenik Zadian src

Dr. Derenik Zadian was a scientist and a genius. He gave a lecture about scientific progress in the Oxford Forward Thought Conference at Oxford University, stating that to progress, scientific knowledge would always need to be used for military uses in order to be funded. One of Zadian's themes was "to use what nature already invented." Two of the listeners were the kids Tony Stark and Bruce Banner.[1]

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Decades later, S.H.I.E.L.D. investigated mysterious shipwrecks and discovered that to Zadian was given an island in the Pacific Ocean as his personal laboratory. When Iron Man and Bruce Banner were sent to investigate possible connections, they were approached by different monsters, including the sea monsters which caused the shipwrecks and monsters made of sand, concluding the island was a giant scientific project by itself.[1] When the duo approached the volcano from which strange energy pulses were coming, they were dragged to a caldera underground and confronted by a Zadian made out of soil. As Zadian contained Iron Man in an energy field and controlled the components inside a fruit Banner had previously eaten to prevent him from becoming the Hulk, he revealed he used the funding to make the island a functioning network and a self-defensible environment. As he grew old coupled with contracting a similar disease to Dr. Banner's colleague, Zadian interfaced with the island in order to survive having become one with it.[1]

Iron Man managed to make Bruce get angry enough to overcome the effects Zadian had over him and transform into the Hulk, as the Hulk, Banner freed Iron Man, who proceeded to destroy the rods which controlled the energy emanation. Zadian summoned an army of soil to fight the heroes, but they escaped before the rods overcharged and caused a massive explosion which decimated the island, and thus Zadian.[1]


Zadian's consciousness was dispersed in the entire island, making him able to control everything on it at his will, rearrange matter and create beings which responded to his commands. Zadian could also control anything created in the island which was not in direct contact with it, as he managed to command the proteins of a fruit ingested by Bruce Banner in order to prevent him from becoming the Hulk. He could also generate and manipulate any number of energized phenomena from his Caldera; the source point where his consciousnesses resides to emit a radiation pulse that would revert Dr. banner from his Hulk persona or redirect and bind Iron Man with his own repulsor energy. Because of him being the island, he is virtually immortal unless the island itself is destroyed.[1]

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