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Derick became a journalist for Threats and Menaces a few months before Cindy Moon (secretly the super-hero Silk) joined the company. On her first day, he got a tip on a murder and invited Cindy to accompany him.[1]

Once they got to the scene, they found that the Mulligan Gang had been viciously attacked, but before they were allowed to invest further, they were expelled by a detective.[1]

After several attacks on other gangs of Queens, Derick's source informed him that the Cannibals were having an emergency meeting, so he headed to their usual meeting place in the Level Up Arcade. Once there, he witnessed the cat demon Kasha kill some of their members. Unbeknownst to him, Silk had been following him and locked him in a closet to protect him while she dealt with the demon.[2]

When he was eventually freed, he returned to TNM to report his findings to his boss, J Jonah Jameson, who then decided to try to contact the gangs and make them work together to stand a better chance against their common threat.[2]

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