Derimacheia was one of the Amazons living in Themiscyra, on the Thermodon River, in Anatolia.[1]

Along with eleven other fellow Amazons Clonié, Polemusa, Evandrè, Antandrè, Bremusa, Hippothoè, Harmothoè, Alcibiè, Derinoè, Antibrotè and Thermodosa, Clonié accompanied Penthesilea who went to Troy in the last years of the Trojan War in order to cleanse her soul after the accidental murder of her sister and queen Hippolyta.[2]

The Amazons were acclaimed by the crowd and welcomed by King Priam and his family. There, Penthesilea swore that she and her Amazons would kill Achilles and repel the Argives back to their coasts, despite the accusation of arrogance from Andromache, widow of Hector whom Achilles had slain.[2]

The next day, they went to battle as the vanguard of the Trojans who were galvanized by Penthesilea. Priam prayed for help to Zeus, but saw an eagle grasping a dove and interpreted it as the fact Penthesileia would not return alive.[2]

Thersites alarmed the Argives, and they met the Trojans in the battlefield. There, Derinoè was killed along all her sword-sisters.[2]

Witnessing the death of her Amazons, Penthesilea entered a fury, and was herself eventually killed by Achilles.[2]

Polemusa and the other Amazons were buried beside Penthesilea.[2]


Presumably armor and shield.[2]


Presumably sword and/or spear.[2]

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