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Quote1 Derry Campbell. Mom-side cousin, red-state and proud of it. Lifelong texican, big laugh, salty language, slinky skirt and cowboy boots, perfect hair, better makeup and a diamond nose-chip. Quote2
Rachel Grey[src]


Derry Campbell attended the Grey party and was killed by Shi'ar Death Commandos, in a Shi'ar attempt to cleanse humanity from the Grey Genome, possibly related to the choice of host by the Phoenix Force.[2]


  • Her face wasn't shown, but in Uncanny X-Men #467, at the fourth second we can see a girl in cowboy boots, which stands back. Obviously this is Derry.
  • She apparently is the daughter of Julia or Roger. Because she isn't the daughter of Sara, and Liam was a pastor, so Derry was not his daughter. But Roger obviously older then Julia, so what he most likely father of Bekka and Derry.

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