Gabriel the Devil-Hunter became possessed by the demon Catherine after the death of his wife. After forcing Catherine out, Gabriel met Desadia for the first time outside of the cathedral where he battled Catherine. Desadia approached him and spoke using the voice and words of Andrea Gabriel, Gabriel's deceased wife. Desadia possessed the memories and spirit of Andrea and had none of her own memories. Desadia became Gabriel's partner at this time. Desadia accompanied Gabriel on his exorcisms and battles with demonic forces. After Gabriel began struggling with depression and alcoholism, Desadia frequently attempted to help him renew his faith. After defeating Belial, the death certificate for Gabriel's wife Andrea spontaneously combusted and he accepted that Desadia was his wife Andrea.[citation needed]

Gabriel who had long been battling with demons was finally weakened so much that the cross on his chest, once the symbol of his strength, had been inverted, into a symbol of Satanic worship. Desadia convinced him to battle against the demon possessing Senator Bill Bohannon, who was a presidential candidate. As Gabriel struggled with the demon he realized it was Catherine, the demon who had once possessed him. Catherine taunted Gabriel with claims that his wife Andrea was serving her in Hades. Andrea's spirit then separated from Desadia and joined with Gabriel, giving him the strength to exorcise Catherine. His strength restored, Gabriel's cross returned to its correct position. Desadia, however, had been left without the spirit of Andrea and had no memories at all of her own and no longer possessed Andrea's memories either. Gabriel continued to struggle afterwards, however, and Desadia was taken by the forces of evil and disappeared.[citation needed]

Continuing to struggle with alcoholism, Gabriel was haunted by the spirit of Desadia, who pushed him to attempt suicide. As Gabriel was about to pull the trigger of the gun in his mouth, Desadia told him that the demon who had captured her was still laughing. Thus Gabriel put down the gun, smashed his bottle of alcohol, and swore to save Desadia.[citation needed]


Limited and sporadic powers of clairvoyance and precognition.

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