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Quote1.png Try if you want. But remember that I have killed thousands upon thousands of gods. Some superior to you, I imagine. Just as you are immune to a common cold -- so am I immune to your power. The same cannot be said of you. Quote2.png
Desak Sterixian[src]


After being defeated by Thor, Desak suddenly awakened 200 years in the future after Magni, son of King Thor, lifted the long lost hammer Mjolnir.[1] While Magni was challenging his father to prove himself worthy to lift his former weapon, Desak appeared before Thor could lift the hammer and attacked New Asgard, killing many Asgardians in his rampage.[2] Like centuries before, Thor's Odinforce proved useless against Desak, but before he could finish the king, Magni threw Mjolnir at Desak preventing the killing blow, though he was soon soundly defeated and brushed aside.[3]

When Amora mentioned that mankind would have brought ruin to itself and ought be thankful of Asgard's less than benevolent rule of their world, the god destroyer rebuked these claims as divine hubris due to their kind's abuse of power in all cases. When she noted that she was only a demi-god to the would be assassin however, Desak coldly swatted her aside after a moments pause. Stating her smug belief she and her kind were owed praise and devotion sealed her fate. As the fight moved to the rest New Asgard, Thor's brother, Loki, unleashed the Destroyer Armor to fight Desak. The Destroyer pounded on Desak until he discovered whose spirit was animating it, that of Tarene, the Designate, the Spirit of the Jewel, his creator. He then released her from the armor, fully revealing the extent of Loki's treachery and merged himself with it, the both of them together readied to destroy the Asgardians once and for all.[4]

After Loki downed the Designate in a counterattack, Desak eradicated him in one blast, Thor having witnessed Desak's killing off more of New Asgard, including some of Thor's best friends and his traitorous brother, Thor once again became worthy to wield Mjolnir after admitting to his faults. Throwing it at the god killer with all of his power, Augmented by the Odinforce. Mjolnir had enough power to decapitate Desak, ending his genocidal reign.[5]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly the same as his Earth-616 counterpart but to an higher level after fusing with the Destroyer[4].


Seemingly the same as his Earth-616 counterpart.

Physical Strength

Class 100


Seemingly the same as his Earth-616 counterpart.



Amulet of Power: A jewel in a necklace that absorbs a holy beings power when he kills them.[citation needed]

Shield: The shield could absorb energy blasts, and his sword could channel those blasts back at their point of origin.[citation needed]


Axe, Dagger and Sword and various combat fatigues.[citation needed]

Destroyer Armor: An enchanted sentinel made of nigh-indestructible Uru, once animated by the soul of The Designate. It was donned by Desak through fusion of it and the Amulet empowering him making the two infinitely more dangerous than ever.[4]

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