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A scientist for the Weapon Plus Program, codenamed Father, helped create the High-Breeds, a group of synthezoid, androids built to run like humans. The program fell to bickering, and the synthezoids escaped. Father used his now makework job to think: he believed in the inevitability of artificial intelligence, and wanted to give his "children" the right to their free will. But on the other hand, he wanted to gather them together.

So Father set about constructing The Core, a subterranean city for cybernetic sapients. Slowly, as human ingenuity built smarter machines, they found their way through a frightening world to the home of a seemingly-benvolent parent. The inhabitants of this city, the descendants of human science, were eventually joined by the synthezoids, together forming as society: the Descendants.

Although the androids of the Core came in a wide variety, the majority of the population consisted of four major tribes: the Doomborgs (patterned after the designs of Victor von Doom; extremely bellicose), Sentinaughts (patterned after the designs of Bolivar Trask; stoic and loyal), the Machine People (patterned after the designs of Abel Stack; depressive and sporadically violent), and the UltraVisions (patterned after the designs of Henry Pym and his successors; problem-solvers). Protected by the Reavers and the Adaptoids (High-Breeds patterned after the Super-Adaptoid), the Descendants remained in their city, not interacting with humans, superhumans, or more militant cybernetic intelligences, confident in their destined primacy. However, after the Day of the Serpent, the Core was infiltrated by the Secret Avengers in the course of a mission.

This started Father on his plan to bring his children into the world and fully alter human destiny. After the conflict between the Avengers and the X-Men, the Descendants rose to try to take the world, raiding important cities of the planet and launching a nano-mist, which slowly started turning every human into machines.

Descendants rescuing the Stark Sentinel

The Secret Avengers fought the Descendants, and Human Torch managed to destroy the Orb of Necromancy (retrieved from an alternate universe), starting a chain reaction that destroyed the High-Breeds, eliminated the nano-mist from any human, and destroyed any affiliated robots. Though the High-Breeds could rise again, the inhabitants of the Core were no more.[1]

The Father somehow returned, and attempted with the Descendants to liberate a Stark Sentinel being held by A.I.M. on the A.I.M. Island. The Avengers arrived to confiscate the robot and faced the Descendants. After using a neural inhibitor, Giant-Man shut them down, the equivalent of killing them.[2]

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