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The beings known as Descendants are the creation of the man known as Father, working for Weapon Plus UK under the secret robotics project called "Project Descendant".

When science failed Project Descendant, Father resorted to magic, using the Orb of Necromancy to animate their best twenty failures as perfectly functional synthezoid "High-Breeds", potentially the first of a new android species. Father wanted to unveil them, but the trio fell to arguing and the synthezoids were released into the wild, mingling among normal humans. Father eventually created an underground city of robotic intelligences, the Core, to which he has worked to lure the descendants of the High-Breeds.

For decades, the Descendants remained in the shadows, avoiding contact with other robots but slowly building their numbers... but all that changed with Parvez. In the aftermath of the Day of the Serpent, the boy's nonhuman ancestry activated, making him the first example of a High-Breed emerging spontaneously from a Descendant/human pairing. Seeing this as evidence of the viability of the Descendants as a species, the rulers of the Core struck to claim him, accidentally revealing themselves to the Secret Avengers, who managed to secure the boy, but also planting a double-agent LMD of Ant-Man on the team.

Months after the conflict between the Avengers and the X-Men, the Descendants decided to rise and take the world, raiding important cities of the planet and launching a nano-mist, wich slowly started turning every human into machines.

The Secret Avengers fought the Descendants, and Human Torch managed to destroy the Orb of Necromancy (retrieved from an alternate universe), which reversed the Orb's effect on the original Descendants and their synthezoid offspring, and eliminated the nano-mist from all the human. However, before dying, Father held out his faith that Parvez, whose natural birth allowed him to survive the Orb's destruction, would secure the future of the Descendants.

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