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Dessy was the daughter of the famous demon S'ym[2] and one of the first students of Strange Academy, where she had Zoe Laveau as her roommate.

When they were getting to know each other in their room, Dessy revealed she knew Zoe's secret, but wouldn't tell anyone.[1] Over the next few days, however, Dessy would often stand still just staring at Zoe, not really understanding how she was hiding her secret. One time in the library, Dessy finally realized her necklace was likely a magical amulet and removed it by force, revealing Zoe to actually be a zombie. However, noticing she was making her friend uncomfortable and upset, she apologized and returned the necklace, just in time for Zoe to hide her true appearance before anyone else noticed.[3]

Despite Dessy's weird behavior, the two girls still had a good relationship, and, on Family Day at the academy, when Zoe's parents accidentally revealed that their daughter had feelings for Dessy, she tried to calm Zoe down by hinting she felt the same way.[2]

Unleashing the suffering

After it was revealed that Calvin Morse's magical jacket was actually Mister Misery in disguise, Dessy, knowing that Misery was fed by the suffering of others, decided to feed him all the suffering in existence using her powers. As it became too much for him to handle, Dessy devoured him, ending the threat once and for all and saving Calvin.[4]

Powers and Abilities


Magical Perception: Dessy is able to see the "dark, painful, desperate side of all things".[1]

Despair Control: Dessy was born in despair, molded by it. As such, she has the power to release it upon others if she sees fit.[4]

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