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Thirteen diaries that were written by Irene Adler. In these diaries, she described her predictions of future events.[1]


Fearing Destiny's diaries posed a threat in the wrong hands, Storm formed the X-Treme X-Men to hunt down the diaries. They found some volumes[2][3] while Shadowcat found another[4] and Professor X got a hold of the rest.[5]

It appeared the prophecies in the diaries were rendered useless when Rogue defied one of them by sparing the life of the villain Vargas.[6] However, after Scarlet Witch warped reality into Earth-58163[7] and later nearly wiping out Mutantkind,[8], Mister Sinister became interested in the diaries so he could learn the future of Mutantkind. He sent the Marauders to retrieve the diaries, but they turned out to be forgeries.[9] The real diaries were hidden away in Flint, Michigan by Shadowcat and Emma Frost. Gambit decided to burn the diaries so the Marauders and the X-Men couldn't use them.[10]

During the attack of the Chaos King, a copy of one of the diaries was found hidden on Muir Island, which contained information on how to defeat the Chaos King.[11]

Apparently, the diaries Gambit burned were forgeries as well as the diaries later turned up in the ownership of Moira X.[12]

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The Diaries were fakes, written by Mystique in order to make the X-Men follow a dead trail.[13]



  • "Libris Veritatus" is Latin for "Books of Truth."

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