Quote1 I've decided to take what little time I've got left... And spend it tying up all the loose threads, anyone who's still out there... Who still poses a threat... Anyone who could pose a threat after I'm gone. Quote2
-- Keene Marlow

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Synopsis for "Destroyer: Chapter One"Edit

The Destroyer stops a Horde terrorist plot, resulting in a large explosion but no civilian casualties. He is picked up by a government soon after, naked and late for a prior engagement. After changing back into his civilian identity, Keene Marlow is dropped off at home in time for his granddaughter's birthday party. His wife, Harriet, expresses concern over how hard Keene has been pushing himself and asks him to see a doctor.

The next day, Marlow's doctor informs him that his condition has gotten worse and demands that Marlow stop his antics as a superhero, as any undue strain on his heart could cost him his life. Marlow, however, is too driven to be able to retire his costumed identity. That night at home, Marlow finds that he is unable to tell his wife the truth about the seriousness of his condition. His wife misreads the situation and thinks that Marlow is ashamed of himself for having not saved her arm years before.

The following day, Marlow goes to visit his brother, Richard, in a maximum-security prison for the first time since he put him in there. Richard tells him that he became a super-villain as a result of living in his brother's shadow for all those years. Marlow confides to his brother that he is dying and has decided to eliminate anyone or anything who may pose a threat after he is gone, his brother included. The two brothers engage in a superhuman tussle before the Destroyer shoved his fist down Richard's throat until he rips out his beating heart, killing him. He tells the prison warden that this is just the beginning.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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