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Quote1.png I took this off, vowed NEVER to put it on again -- For Felecia... So that we could have a life together. Now, in order to save her, I have to put it back on. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Destroyer: Chapter Two"

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Synopsis for "Destroyer: Chapter Two"

The Marlow family are attending the funeral of Keene's brother Richard when he sees Bruiser, a former villain who had worked with Richard in the past. Keene asks Bruiser some questions about his old arch-nemesis Scar, but Bruiser claims not to know anything, having gone straight some time before. Keene is then called away by government operatives, where he is warned to both take it easy and not to pursue Scar. Keene then is assigned to stop a giant rampaging monster.

Later, Keene takes his family to a high security resort to unwind, but he sees another former foe of his, Doctor Devastation, who has used a sample of Keene's DNA to track his location, though he isn't sure who he's looking for as he's never seen the hero's face. Keene then fakes a heart attack and when his son-in-law Darius calls for a doctor, Devastation comes to help. Keene then reveals who he is to his foe and snaps the doctor's neck. That night Keene and Harriet discuss his impending death, and his refusal to quit being the Destroyer.

Continuing his search for Scar, the Destroyer invades the hideout of Techtronica looking for answers. Not getting what he was seeking, he seemingly kills Techtronica before she was able to upload her consciousness to the internet. Late that night, there is a knock at Keene's door which turns out to be Darius and Haley. Scar destroyed their house and kidnapped Felecia as a result for having heard that the Destroyer was searching for him. As a result, Darius comes out of retirement as the Destroyer's sidekick, Turret, in order to save his wife.

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