Quote1.png I know your daughter might live. I know your partner will kill me, either way. But at this range this this gun will surely pierce your skull and end your life. That makes it all worthwhile. Makes me happy. Quote2.png
-- Scar

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Synopsis for "Chapter Three"

The Destroyer and Turret continue to try and locate Scar, who had kidnapped Felecia, the Destroyer's daughter and Turret's wife. To this end, they try to intimidate the Destroyer's old foe the Scavenger into giving them a name, accidently killing the Scavenger in the process. Later that night, at Turret's house, a package is delivered to the door. It's a woman's finger, but Turret can tell that it isn't his wife's. The Destroyer finally figures out the clues that Scar has left him regarding his whereabouts, leading him to the Liberty Tire Factory. Here he finds his old nemesis and his daughter, who is hooked up to a machine that will slit her wrists at the push of a button.

Scar concedes to his old foe that he is ready to die, as long as he can take the Destroyer with him. He recruited three of the Destroyer's old foes to help him, Bruiser, Crocodile and the Organite, sending them at his foes while he pushes the button that slit's the girl's wrists. Bruiser and Crocodile both die in the ensuing battle, while Turret manages to free Felecia and gets her medical help before it's too late. Scar is just about to shoot his old foe in the head from point-blank range, when the Destroyer grabs his arm and rips it from his body. After trying to force the arm down Scar's throat, the Destroyer pounds his head into a pulp, ensuring his death.

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