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Base of Operations
Deterrence Research Corporation Tower (formerly Magnum Building), various other bases around the world

Organization Leader(s)
Moses Magnum, Ivor Carlson

Current Members
Ross Holden, Mr. Kraye, Eric Salter

Former Members
Moses Magnum, Eric Lazar

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The Deterrence Research Corporation (DRC) was formed by Moses Magnum. He was able to make it into the world's largest independent weapons manufacturer. When the DRC was hired to develop a toxic biochemical gas they tested it on kidnapped victims. The Punisher and Spider-Man learned of this and managed to shut down the operation, but Magnum escaped[1].

Among the victims of the gas were the son and grandson of Amanda Sheridan head of Sheridan Industries. She hired various agents to kill Moses Magnum, but all failed. Eventually she hired Luke Cage to protect her granddaughter Samantha who was in Japan at the same time as Moses Magnum. Magnum was on Katsyu Shima island running a mining operation in order to tap the Earth's core for potential energy. To help him with this he tried to kidnap Samantha Sheridan who was a geophysicist. Cage managed to stop him and in the ensuing struggle Moses fell through a fissure in the Earth to his apparent death.
After Magnum's "death" the DRC was able to avoid prosecution for his crimes and became even more powerful. Through stolen SHIELD files the new president Ivor Carlson was able to learn about Drydock the headquarters of the Guardians of the Galaxy. With the help of renegade NASA scientist Eric Salter he planned to send a rocket to Drydock and rob it of its futuristic weapons and technology. The Guardians learned of this and tried to steal the stolen files, but the DRC had hired Hammer and Anvil (whose synthecon chain they were somehow able to fix) as security. with the help of Spider-Man the Guardians were able to destroy the files and break Hammer and Anvil's chain.
Amanda Sheridan was satisfied with the apparent death of Moses Magnum, but DRC decided to punish her for her actions against Magnum with a corporate takeover of Sheridan Industries. Amanda was able to stop them and so they sent Hammer and Anvil with a once again fixed chain to eliminate her. She was saved by the arrival of Spider-Woman who defeated Hammer and Anvil. The DRC tried one last tact to stop her by ordering one of her employees Eric Lazar, who was actually a DRC employee to kill her, but he was stopped by Spider-Woman.

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