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Deuce was originally owned by Foggy Nelson, who intended to give him to Matt Murdock so that he could use Deuce as a guide dog. Matt declined, stating that he didn't want or need a guide dog.[citation needed]

Deuce became a favorite of Normie Osborn, whose mom Liz Allen was dating Foggy Nelson at the time. Deuce proved extremely valuable when a man entered the law office and shot at Nelson's mom Rosalind Sharpe. Deuce viciously attacked the shooter.[1] Later, Deuce attacked another armed gunman who threatened Foggy.[2]

Later, Foggy lost Deuce in a game of poker to Weasel, a co-worker of Deadpool. Since Weasel had no use for a trained guide dog, Deadpool suggested giving Deuce to his hostage, Blind Al. Blind Al hates the dog.[3]

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