Created by Gabriel to replace God. Deuteronomy escaped from Heaven and fled to Earth where he possessed the body of the TV host Iprah and merged the half-id, half super-ego with a monster that was ll ego and formed a super-narcissist, devoted to self-worship, driven to enforce its will on others and incapable of resisting any impulse. The energies released from the merge burnt the flesh from the audience but they remained as vapid and supportive.

After failing to shoot it down and not getting God's help, Gabriel sent the angel Thrasher down to awaken the Saint of Therapists Sigmund Freud.

Deuteronomy (Earth-616) from Howard the Duck Vol 3 5 0002

Deuteronomy possesing Iprah

Iprah continued preaching but Howard the Duck was able to resist her persuasion and was able to hold his own against her power till Freud arrived. He tried using psychology to defeat her, but she blasted a hole in his chest killing him. Howard then picked up the Saint's Cigar and used it to blast Deuteronomy out of Iprah.


Seemingly those possessed by both Angels and Demons, with the powers it was shown to possess include:

  • Possession
  • Levitation
  • Energy Blasts
  • Able to Travel through space unaided


When in possession of Iprah, the creature showed a weakness towards negativity in people and psychological arguments.

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