Includes technological marvels created and used by the subhuman race known as the Deviants.

Deviant Technology

Brain Mine
A Brain Mine is a small bullet-sized projectile that when launched from a weapon, can incapacitate an Eternal. It doesn't kill them, but it will render them unconscious for an indeterminate period of time.
Deviant Hovership
Deviants utilized hoverships equipped with highly advanced weaponry and VTOL capabilities. Their technological advancement was so far beyond human comprehension that they developed such vehicles in the days when Vikings still journeyed across the sea.
Deviant Submarine
Deviants developed highly advanced undersea craft the enabled them to travel back and forth to their base in the ruins of Lemuria. The Deviant submarine required a crew of at least three helmsmen and one captain.
Dimension Harness
Created by the Deviant scientist Zakka, the Dimension Harness enabled its wearer to instantaneously travel from locale to another, even spanning the distance between dimensions. [1]
The Deviants used telescopic disruptor rays to keep unwanted travelers from voyaging too closely towards the territories they occupied. Housed within an undersea silo, the disruptors targeted ships and aircraft, disintegrating them on sight, giving rise to the legends surrounding the mysterious Bermuda Triangle.
Shock Howitzer
The Shock Howitzer was an artillery piece installed as part of the onboard weaponry used in Deviant warships. [2]
Shroud Gun
A Shroud Gun fires a cannister of whirling fiber that unfolds and ensnares a target. [3]
Flamers, also known as Flame Guns, are hand-held weapons that project bursts of flame. These weapons were utilized by Kro's shock troops when he led a Deviant invasion of Manhattan. [4]
Time Projector
The Time Projector was invented by the Deviant scientist Zakka. It could not only open a window into different timelines, but it could snatch items or people from such timelines and redeposit them in whatever time era the user chose. Zakka's time projector was destroyed when he used it to summon the ancient deviant warrior Tutinax. [5]
Torment Machine
The Torment Machine is a torture device similar to that of a medieval rack. The subject's arms are secured above their head by a horizontal metal rod while two coils attached to their legs discharge electrical energy into their body. Brother Tode kept the Torment Machine inside of his throne room and used it to torture his underling Kro whenever he failed a mission. [6]
The Z-Ray was an energy weapon and part of the onboard weaponry used in Deviant warships. It is said that a single blast from a Z-Ray can kill over one-hundred humans.


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