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Quote1.png We ALL got pinched in Fisk's Thunderbolt sweeps when he criminalized masked crimefighters...[1] but I'm no more welcome with them than you are with the Wrecking Crew. Quote2.png
Moon Knight (Mark Spector)

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In The Myrmidon prison, Jeff Hagees, better known as criminal 8-Ball, narrates the threat he poses to his new cellmate as the reason for his being imprisoned. When asking his cellmate why he was imprisoned, he answers that he is Moon Knight, frightening Jeff silent. Come feeding time, various supervillain clicks refuse seating to Jeff before Captain Confusion arrives to hassle him until Moon Knight. Confused, Jeff asks why Moon Knight isn't sitting with the other imprisoned heroes like Reed, Sue, and several others across the way. But as "8-Ball" isn't welcomed with the other villains, Moon Knight isn't among heroes given his recent past.

Asking where to find Man-Mountain Marko, Jeff advises against it as Marko eats elsewhere and is panicked when Moon Knight loudly asks if Marko might be a snitch. Telling him to keep quiet, Jeff explains that Marko is the king of the in-prison fighting arena, the guards placing bets on who wins on fights. Interested, Moon Knight goes to hassle a click of inmates he scared long before, ridiculing them before taking his leave. On his way back to his cell, a guard redirects him to the showers where he is ganged up on by criminals he scarred with his crescent sigil. After Moon Knight steps out bloody and requests involvement with the fights, he requests to join the fights and get a chance at Marko's title. Later and equipped with a makeshift mask, Moon Knight brutalizes Boomslang with chanting guards, rising through the ranks in fights against Mister Fish, Killer Shrike and Cactus.

Afterwards, Jeff inquires Moon Knight's readiness to take a hit, as both men have suffered death and revival. Moon Knight sees pain as a sensation that reminds him that he's alive and that pain is the cost of life. Compared to the New York City streets, where the violence is always around, the violence in the prison is in the air, making Moon Knight forget who he is at times, fearing he may revert back to who he was in his pre-heroic mercenary days. Met by Man-Mountain Marko, teasing his 12-year-old daughter is stronger than Moon Knight, the hero fogs up the glass window to make a silhouette of his mask promising to see him soon. Walked to the title match by the guard, thankful to have made so much money off Moon Knight's wins, still warns that a superhero like him can't win against a behemoth. However, Moon Knight corrects his thinking, that he isn't a superhero but a wild dog.

As Marko asks if Moon Knight is ready to die, Moon Knight corrects Marko that he isn't man enough to kill him. The first being Raul Bushman[2] who had thousands of deaths to his name as a mercenary, someone Marko can't compare to as a street thug and who likely heard of what Moon Knight did to him. Commencing their fight, Moon Knight declares the cage a holy ground consecrated with blood and violence, where he cannot die and counters each move by Marko until he gets a lucky shot at him, and swats him back. Dazed, Moon Knight recalls why he infiltrated the Myrmidon in the first place, as back at the Midnight Mission, Judith Cort asked for Moon Knight's help against her ex-husband, Michael "Man-Mountain" Marko. He abandoned their daughter after she was born, but returned after somehow learning she was developing Marko's super strength. As he threatened to kill Judith and take her daughter, Moon Knight promised that Judith and her daughter would both be under his protection.

Reinvigorated, Moon Knight jumps Marko in a choke hold from behind, informing him that neither third-rate cops nor supervillains could ever be rid of him, and no prison can hold him as he can escape whenever he wished. Close to Marko's ear, Moon Knight confesses to imprisonment squarely to beat on Marko to teach a lesson and deliver a message. The lesson: Moon Knight can get to him, no matter how safe Marko believes himself to be. The message: Marko will never see his ex-wife and daughter again. Should Marko refuse, Moon Knight will do things to him that will make his wrath upon Bushman seem like mercy in comparison. A defiant Marko pledges to still do so upon release, so Moon Knight upholds his promise and inflicts a vengeance most bloody upon him in front of all the guards.

Like an instinct, Marc reverts to his old wild dog ways, blood-drunk and murder-hungry, realizing just how bad the prison was for him. Still unafraid to take a hit, Moon Knight rages at the guards as they swarm in to apprehend him for the brutal scene he just committed. Confined to solitary holding later, Moon Knight explains to a surprised Jeff that he allowed himself to be arrested, while Jeff cleans the floors outside. Moon Knight knows the prison can't even hold Captain America, and he points out that Susan and Reed Richards are inside, waiting for the right moment to bust out themselves. Jeff recalls how he said the heroes don't like him, but as they aim to fight Mayor Wilson Fisk when they return to New York,[3] they'll need a "wild dog" like him to help in that fight.

Solicit Synopsis

After being arrested by the Thunderbolts as part of WILSON FISK'S crackdown on costumed heroes, MOON KNIGHT is now a prisoner in the high-tech Myrmidon. Surrounded by hostile guards and many of the very criminals he helped put away, MARC SPECTOR must fight for his survival. But Moon Knight's quest for justice doesn't end just because of a little light incarceration…

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